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Lake Williams Beach Association has four major properties for members — Three beaches, and a pavilion known as “The Acre”.

By-Laws applicable to all association properties

  • All beaches and recreation areas are reserved for the exclusive use of Association Members and their guests.

  • No vehicles shall be allowed in or on designated swimming areas.

  • No vehicles or boat trailers shall obstruct the access or exit of any other vehicle on the beaches or other Association property.

  • After boats are launched, all boat trailers must be returned to the member’s property. No boat trailer is to be left on beach or parking areas.

  • No boats are permitted in swimming areas

  • No Overnight (dusk to dawn) Parking of vehicles is allowed on Association property without prior permission of the Beach and Property Committee Chairman, evidenced by a currently dated permit to be visibly displayed in the front windshield of the vehicle.

  • Parking is permitted in the designated parking areas at each beach area, only when using the beach. Exceptions are permitted with prior written permission of the LWBA Security or the Beach and Property Committee Chairman. Vehicles using parking areas must prominently display either a LWBA Membership parking sticker or a currently dated guest parking permit, on their vehicle.

  • No changing of clothes in vehicle is permitted.

  • No fires or camping is allowed on the beaches.

  • No trash is to be thrown or left on any Association property or in the water.

  • Members and their guests utilizing Association property do so at their own risk

  • No loitering is permitted

  • Watercraft left on the beach after 9:00 P.M. must be identified with the owners’ name prominently displayed.

  • Launching of personal water craft (jet skis) are not allowed.

  • The Association is not liable for any damage done to personal property while on Association property.

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