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By-Laws Governing Lake Williams Beach Association

Approved June 27, 2010 at a special Meeting of the LakeWilliams Beach Association.

Amended June 3, 2012,  June 2, 2013, and June 5, 2022.

Article 1
By-Laws Governing Lake Williams Beach Association


Section A – By-Laws Governing Meetings and Voting Procedures. 
1. Meeting notices for the LakeWilliams Beach Association shall be posted on the Association Bulletin Board at least ten (10) days prior to the date of such meeting. In addition, a copy of such notice, including an agenda shall be mailed to each legal voter of said association.

Section B – Board of Directors Meetings 
Meeting notices shall be posted on the Association Bulletin Board at least seven (7) days prior to the date of such a meeting. All Board of Directors meetings shall be open to the public. Voting shall be limited to Board members only.


Section C – Agenda 

An agenda shall act as the format for meetings of the Beach Association and the order of the call shall be amended only by vote of the attending membership. Time shall be provided at the close of each meeting for open discussion. A simple majority of the attending membership may submit the item to A: the next regularly scheduled Association meeting or B: a special meeting of the Association to be called at a date not more than thirty (30) days after the current annual meeting.


Any association member wishing to place an item on the agenda for the annual meeting shall present the item in writing to the President or the Secretary of the Association at least twenty (20) days prior to the annual meeting.


Section D – Sign-in Sheet 

A sign-in sheet shall be available at each association meeting. Each voting member is required to sign in on arrival to the meeting. This list shall serve a two-fold purpose:

  1. A legal record of attendance for each meeting and a record of those present and voting

  2. A roll-call sheet in the event that a roll-call vote is required.


Section E – Voter List 

The Secretary shall have available and in his/her possession at each meeting, an updated list of all eligible voting property owners.


Section F – Proxy Voting 

Anyone designated to act as a proxy for a voting member must present to the Secretary prior to the beginning of the meeting (or upon arrival) a signed statement designating the name of the individual for whom he/she will be voting. It shall be signed by both the proxy and the voting member. This proxy shall further state the items to be voted upon or whether the individual has been given full proxy.


Section G – Meeting Records 

The Secretary shall provide to the President copies of the minutes from both the Association and Board of Directors meetings. All minutes and records of the Association shall be available for review by any member, by appointment, with the Secretary. Minutes will also be available on the existing LWBA web site.


Section H – No voting unit shall have more than one vote on the Board of Directors.

Approved June 3, 2012

Article 2
By-Laws Governing Committees


Section A – Committees 

There shall be three (3) standing committees of the LakeWilliams Beach Association:

  1. The Finance Committee. This committee shall prepare a budget and submit the same to the association for adoption at the annual meeting. Amended June 2, 2013

  2. The Beach and Properties Committee – This committee shall combine the Roads, Zoning, Law and Order, Traffic and Signs, Health and Sanitation, and Association Property and Equipment committees. This committee shall be responsible for the maintenance of all Association properties. Amended June 2, 2013

  3. The Annual Picnic Committee – This committee shall be responsible for the annual picnic.

The Association President shall appoint the Chair Persons for each committee, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. All Committees shall be subject to the authority of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors shall have the authority to create ad hoc and/or special committees from time to time to help with the execution of their duties.

Article 3
By-Laws Governing Finances


Section A – Emergency Funds 

An unforeseen emergency reserve fund in the amount of $500 shall be available.
What constitutes an emergency shall be voted and determined by the Board of Directors.

Section B – Allocation of Unused Monies 

At the end of the fiscal year, all monies allocated in the budged and not spent shall be placed in the general fund.

Money collected from violations must be paid to the treasurer to be deposited in the general fund.


Section C – Bonding 

Directors, with the approval of membership, will set the amount of bonding for the Treasurer, Tax Collector, and the Constable.


Section D – Honorariums 

The Charter provides that an Honorarium be paid to the Tax Collector, Treasurer, and Secretary if the membership so desires.

Section E – Checks 
The Treasurer, with the authorization of the Board of Directors, shall draft checks for budget expenses and/or those approved by special meeting of the Association. Such checks shall be co-signed by both the Treasurer and the President, or in the absence of either party, the secretary of the Association.


Section F – Closing of the Books 

The books of the Treasurer shall be closed for four (4) weeks before the annual meeting of the Association. Auditors, appointed by the President, shall consist of two (2) voting members of the Association. Volunteers will be solicited at the Annual Meeting.


Section G – Fines 

For any violation of the By-Laws established by the LakeWilliams Beach Association a fine of $25.00 is hereby established. Fines not resolved within ninety (90) days of issue are subject to additional fines of $25.00 for each additional period of ninety (90) days or less within which each fine is not resolved. The maximum amount of which shall not exceed $500.00 plus interest and legal fees for each violation. Non-settlement of fines shall constitute a lien on the offending members’ property and shall be registered as such with the Town of Lebanon. Members shall be directly accountable for violations perpetuated by their guests, lessees, or renters.


Article 4
Miscellaneous By-Laws


Section A – Grievances 
The Board of Directors shall act as the Board of Appeals in settling grievances. Any aggrieved Association member shall provide written notice to the Secretary of the Association who in turn will give to the President and the Board of Directors. A meeting to hear the grievance shall be called within thirty (30) days and a written decision shall be rendered by the Board within thirty (30) days of said meeting.


Section B – Signs 
The LakeWilliams Beach Association Bulletin Boards are for official Association business. Association members may post notices on the Bulletin Boards subject to the approval of the Association President. Commercial advertizing signs on any Association property shall require the approval of the Board of Directors.


Section C – By-Laws Revision 
There shall be no change to the Association By-Laws unless said changes is recommended by the Board of Directors and approved by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the Association members present and proxies, at an Association meeting.


Article 5
By-Laws Governing Use of Association Properties


Section A – By-Laws applicable to all association properties 

  1. All beaches and recreation areas are reserved for the exclusive use of Association Members and their guests.

  2. No vehicles shall be allowed in or on designated swimming areas.

  3. No vehicles or boat trailers shall obstruct the access or exit of any other vehicle on the beaches or other Association property.

  4. After boats are launched, all boat trailers must be returned to the member’s property. No boat trailer is to be left on beach or parking areas.

  5. No boats are permitted in swimming areas

  6. No Overnight (dusk to dawn) Parking of vehicles is allowed on Association property without prior permission of the Beach and Property Committee Chairman, evidenced by a currently dated permit to be visibly displayed in the front windshield of the vehicle.

  7. Parking is permitted in the designated parking areas at each beach area, only when using the beach. Exceptions are permitted with prior written permission of the LWBA Security or the Beach and Property Committee Chairman. Vehicles using parking areas must prominently display either a LWBA Membership parking sticker or a currently dated guest parking permit, on their vehicle. 

  8. No changing of clothes in vehicle is permitted.

  9. No fires or camping is allowed on the beaches.

  10. No trash is to be thrown or left on any Association property or in the water.

  11. Members and their guests utilizing Association property do so at their own risk

  12. No loitering is permitted

  13. Watercraft left on the beach after 9:00 P.M. must be identified with the owners’ name prominently displayed.

  14. Launching of personal water craft (jet skis) is not allowed.

  15. The Association is not liable for any damage done to personal property while on Association property. 


Section B – By-Laws Applicable to Beaches #1  
Use of these Beaches is limited to:

  1. Swimming

  2. Launching of carry-on non-motorized boats only.

  3. Fishing is not permitted at these areas.

  4. Storage of watercraft is not permitted at these beaches.


Section C – By-Laws Applicable to Beach #2 (Boat Launch) 
Use of this Beach is limited to:

  1. Swimming in the area so designated.

  2. Fishing, except in the designated swimming area.

  3. Launching of boats.

  4. Storage of boats in the designated storage area.

  5. Use of the dock is for loading and unloading only.

  6. Storage of more than one (1) boat or other water craft is not permitted

  7. The launching of a trailered motorized vessel (boat) by a guest is strictly prohibited unless the guest is accompanied by a member of LWBA and in good standing.

  8. Boats and other watercraft stored in the designated storage area must be identified with the owner’s name prominently displayed.

  9. Storage of boats and other watercraft on Association property is not permitted from November 15th through April 15th. Boats and other watercraft remaining on Association property during that period will be removed and stored at the owner’s expense. Boats and watercraft unclaimed at the Annual Meeting will be sold to cover storage fees. Notice will be sent to the membership prior to the Annual Meeting regarding any unclaimed watercraft.

Section D – By-Laws Applicable to Beach # 3
Use of this Beach is limited to: 

  1. Swimming

  2. Launching of carry-on non-motorized boats only. Fishing

  3. Storage of watercraft is not permitted.

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