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Lake Williams is located in Lebanon, CT.   Lake Williams Beach Association (LWBA) is an organization established by the Connecticut State Legislature in 1953. Click to view the charter.   The Town of Lebanon has a map of the area encompassed by the LWBA (Lake Williams Drive and Lake Shore Drive).

This web site has information about the association, the charter and bylaws and minutes to the meetings. As well as LWBA related information, we have included photos and articles about the lake region.

The Annual Meeting is held on the first Sunday in June at 1:00.   At this meeting the board members are elected, the budget and tax rates are established.

The LWBA is charged with the maintenance of three beaches, a boat launch, and a picnic pavilion.   The Annual Budget is spent as follows: 1/3 on property taxes, 1/3 on insurances, and 1/3 on beach maintenance and running the Association.   Past activities include an annual picnic, spring clean-up and fall clean-up work days and this year we held our first Meet and Greet. 

Please get involved and be part of our wonderful lake community.

LWBA Board of Directors

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