Welcome To Lake Williams Beach Association located in Lebanon, CT.

There are two organizations on Lake Williams:  The Beach Association and the Friends.

Lake Williams Beach Association (LWBA) was chartered for the property owners around Lake Williams (Lake Williams Drive and Lake Shore Drive) by the Connecticut State Legislature in 1953.  The LWBA is charged with the maintenance of three beaches, a boat launch, and a picnic pavilion.   The Annual Budget is spent as follows:  1/3 on property taxes, 1/3 on insurances, and 1/3 on beach maintenance and running the Association.   Past activities include an annual picnic,   Mile-long Tag Sale, spring clean-up and fall clean-up work days.

The web site has information about the association, the charter and bylaws and minutes to the meetings. As well as LWBA related information, we have included photos and articles about the lake region.  The Lake Williams Beach Association also has a facebook page which can be used for ‘Neighborhood Watch’ type information and photos of the Lake and activities.

The LWBA Annual Meeting for all members is the first Sunday in June at 1:00 at The Acre.

The Friends of Lake Williams is active in the treatment of fanwort and milfoil, two invasive plant species.  It costs about $25,000 a year to treat the invasive weeds. (The Town of Lebanon pays $6,000 of the cost.)  Their annual meeting is on the first or second Saturday in June.  Friends activities include ongoing monitoring of water quality and lake clean-up day.  The Friends website is www.friendsoflakewilliams.org which has the list of the current board of directors, bylaws, minutes,  newsletters, membership application form, and a link to the Connecticut Federation of Lakes. The Annual Meeting for the Friends is the first or second Saturday in June at 10:00.

Both organizations need volunteers.   Please help protect the lake, meet your neighbors, and participate in making Lake Williams an even better place.

Located in Lebanon, CT