1980-May 1990

80-81\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 1, 1980\r\nPresident:  Gloria Hanczan\r\nVice President:  Richard LeRoy\r\nTreasurer:  Francis Adamecwicz\r\nSecretary:  Ray Miller\r\nTax Collector: Phil Godeck\r\nDirectors:  Ann Steinhilber, James Green, Berynce Brennan, Anthony Siragusa\r\nTax rate:  $10.00\r\nLake was drained  in July – dead fish\r\nBy-Laws revision\r\nOvernight parking at beach 2 and need for islanders to park\r\nVoted to hire a lawyer file litigation against the dam owners\r\nNews articles on the lake being drained in February and July\r\nClick here for Annual, Board & Special Meeting minutes and news articles:  

1980-81\r\n\r\n1981-82\r\nThe Annual  Meeting was held on June 7, 1981\r\nPresident:  George Brennan\r\nVice President:  Phil Oley\r\nTreasurer:  Frank Adamcewicz\r\nSecretary:  Barbara Green\r\nDirectors: 1 year:  James Green, Ann Steinhilber\r\nDirectors 2 year:  Jean Bandzes, Richard Repole\r\nTax rate:  $60.00\r\nBoard meetings held on June 13, 1981, October 6, 1981\r\nAugust 1981 progress – court case put aside to try to negotiate with lawyer and Gilman Brothers\r\nClick here for Annual 1980-81 part 1 and 1980-81 part 2& Board minutes & news articles:  1981-82

1981-82\r\n\r\n1982-83\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 6, 1982\r\nPresident:  George Brennan\r\nVice President:  Phil Oley\r\nSecretary:  Nancy Mitchell\r\nTreasurer:  George Mitchell\r\nTax Collector:  Phil Godeck\r\nTax rate:  $60.00\r\nTag sale held to raise money\r\nThere are no minutes of Board meetings\r\nClick here for minutes of Annual Meeting: 1982-83\r\n\r\n

1983-84\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 5, 1983\r\nPresident:  Phil Oley\r\nVice President:  Zane Mercier\r\nTreasurer:  George Mitchell\r\nSecretary: Nancy Mitchell\r\nTax Collector:  Phil Godeck\r\nTax rate:  $60.00\r\nBoard meetings were held on January 23, 1984, May 10, 1984\r\nDEP had a hearing in February 1984 and Buck Environmental Study\r\nClick here for Annual and Board minutes & Buck Study:  1983-84

1984-85\r\nThe Annual Meeting was held on June 3, 1984\r\nPresident: Phil Oley\r\nVice President: Zane Mercier\r\nTreasurer:  George Mitchell\r\nSecretary:  Kathy Mitchell\r\nTax Collector:  Phil Godeck\r\nDirector 2 years:  Ann  Steinhilber, Dick Tangier\r\nTax rate:  $60.00\r\nBoard meetings were held on:  June 9, 1984, August 3, 1984, August 12, 1984, August 30, 1984, September 16, 1984, September 19, 1984, September 30, 1984, November 4, 1984, November18, 1984, February 1985\r\nLWBA contested the Supreme Court decision, DEP, Gilman Brothers plan to remove the dam, petitioned the Town, Town formed a Flood & Erosion Control Board\r\nClick here for Annual and Board meeting minutes:   1984-85\r\nClick here for newspaper articles:  1984-85 news articles part one\r\n1984-85 news part two\r\n1984-85 news part three\r\n1984-85 part four\r\n1984-85 part five\r\n1984-85 part six\r\n\r\n

1985-86\r\nThe Annual Meeting was held on June 2, 1985\r\nPresident:  Ron LaForge\r\nVice President:  Zane Mercier\r\nSecretary:  Ann LaForge\r\nTreasurer:  Dick Tanger\r\nTax Collector:  Phil Godek\r\nDirectors 2 years:  Virginia Burns, Helen Pellman\r\nDirector 1 year:  Rose Miller\r\nTax rate $100.00\r\nBoard meetings were held on June 9, 1985, July 14, 1985, August 11, 1985, September 8, 1985, May 4, 1986\r\nSpecial Meeting was held on July 28, 1985, August 25, 1985\r\nSupreme Court hearing on June 11, 1985\r\nClick here for Annual, Special & Board minutes:  1985-86 and\r\n1985-86 part 2\r\nClick here for news articles:  1985-86 news part 1 and “>1985-86 newspapers part two1985-86 newspaper part two aand1984-85 news part two  and 1985-86 newspaper part 3\r\n\r\n

1986-87\r\nThe Annual Meeting was held on June 1, 1986\r\nPresident:  Ron LaForge\r\nVice President: Zane Mercier\r\nSecretary:  vacant\r\nTreasurer:  Helen Pellman\r\nTax Collector:  Phil Godeck\r\nDirectors 1 year:  Rose Miller, Ann Steinhilber\r\nDirectors 2 years:  Ginger Burns, Kent Sleath\r\nTax rate:  $35.00 part 1 1986-87part 1a and part 1b1986-87 part 1 \r\nBy-Laws were revised and passed – Click here: 1986-87 By-Laws\r\nFebruary 11, 1957 Lebanon couple faces eviction\r\nClick here: Annual & Board minutes & news articles:   and 1986-87 part 2

1987-88\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 7, 1987\r\nPresident:  Bernyce Brennan\r\nVice President: Kent Sleath\r\nTreasurer:  George Brennan\r\nSecretary:  Gloria Atkins\r\nDirectors:  Phil Godeck, Heniz, Harley Atkins, Anne Steinhilber\r\nTax Collector:  Phil Godeck\r\nTax rate was $50.00\r\nClick here for Annual Meeting & news:  1987-88\r\nClick here for newspaper articles:  1987-88 news\r\nand 1987-88 and 1987-88 news

1988-89\r\nPresident:  Kent Sleath\r\nVice President:  Harley Atkins\r\nSecretary: Pat O’Keefe\r\nTax Colletor:  Karen Becksvoort\r\nTreasurer:  Kettly Pierce\r\nDirectors: Ann Steinhilber, Heinz, Becksvoort, Lenny Swanson\r\nTax rate:  $10.00\r\nAnnual Meeting was held in June 1998.\r\nBoard meeting/newsletter on September 25, 1988\r\nMembership list\r\nClick here for Annual & Board meeting & membership:  1988-89\r\nThere was a referendum on August 2, 1988 which failed.\r\nClick here for newspaper articles:  1988-89 news 1 and 1988-89 news 2b and 1988-89 news 3c

1989-90\r\nPresident:  Kent Sleath\r\nTax Collector: Phil Godeck\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 4, 1989\r\nTax rate was $45\r\nNewsletter September 5, 1989\r\nNewspaper articles\r\nClick here for 1989-90:    1989-90\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n 

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