1970-May 1980

1970-71\r\nThe Annual Meeting was held on June 7, 1970\r\nPresident: Paul Intagliata\r\nVice President:  Donald Sheppard\r\nSecretary: Mary Anderson\r\nTreasurer:  Frank Adamcewicz\r\nTax Collector: Rose Miller resigned – Milton Krom filled in\r\nDirectors 2 years:  Mr. Pellecchici, Steve Rittlinger – Rittlinger resigned – Bernyce Brennan filled in\r\nDirector 1 year:  Walt McConnell, Paul Intagliata\r\nTax rate was set at 2 mills\r\nTopics:  algae bloom, need for a building to house file cabinets and mimeograph machine, ongoing telephone booth issues, decided not to purchase picnic tables because of the lack of storage space,  decided not to add a ski club,  water testing,\r\nIn April 1970 Zoning sent letters of violation to many residents for living year round in seasonal homes.  Is it an individual issue or LWBA?  Special Meeting decided to hire lawyer.  Petition sent to Zoning Board.  Two newspaper articles on the zoning issue.\r\nBoard meetings were held on July 15, 1970, August 17, 1970, August 21, 1970, April 5, 1971,\r\nSpecial Meeting was held on May 2, 1971.\r\nClick here for Annual, Board, Special meeting minutes and newspaper articles:  1970-71 part one  and 1970-71 part two\r\n\r\n

1971-72\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 13, 1971.\r\nPresident:  Donald Sheppard\r\nVice President:  Joseph O”Keefe\r\nSecretaary:  Mary Anderson\r\nTreasurer:  Francus Adamewicz\r\nTax Collector:  Milton Krom\r\nDirectors:  Rose Miller, Leonard Saponare\r\nTax rate is 1 1/2 mill\r\nMeeting held at the PAVILLION!\r\ndecided not to add electricity at this time – cost.  will add benches to the perimeter of the pavilion\r\nissue of parking overnight at 2nd beach\r\nList of 1971 members.  Click here:  1971 membership list\r\nBoard meetings held on June 18, 1971.\r\nSpecial meeting held on July 10, 1971.\r\nNewspaper articles on zoning issue – seasonal homes\r\nClick here for Annual, Board and newspaper:  1971-72\r\n\r\n

1972-73\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 4,, 1972\r\nPresident:  Donald Shepard – resigned –  Andrew Gobin steps in\r\nVice President:  Joseph O”Keefe – resigned – Anthony Siraguse in\r\nSecretary: Mary Anderson\r\nTreasurer:  Frank Adamewicz\r\nTax Collector:  Milton Krom\r\nDirector:  Rose Miller, Berynce Brennan, Leonard Saponare, Godfrey Parker\r\nTax rate set 1 1/2 mills\r\nIssue:  Continue zoning fight?  Decision not to.\r\nAnnual Picnic? Not this year\r\nDiscussion on other side of lake joining.\r\nThe acre known as Lake Williams Lovers Lane\r\nNeed Welcoming Committee\r\nBoard meetings held on June 4, 1972, June 20, 1972, June 30, 1972, July 9, 1972, July 31, 1972,  May 6, 1973\r\nNews article on injunction against campground\r\nClick here for Annual and Board minutes and news: 

1972-73\r\n\r\n1973-74\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 3, 1973\r\nPresident:  Mr. Amiciou\r\nVice President:  John Wilcox\r\nTreasurer:  Mr. Adamciwicz\r\nSecretary:  Vicki Gieula\r\nTax Collector:  Mr. Mosher\r\nDirectors:  Mr. Edwards, Mr. Gieula\r\nTax rate 1 1/2 mills\r\nBegan process to change tax assessment to a flat rate\r\nZoning proposed several changes to lake area.  LWBA filed a letter of objection.\r\n25th anniversary – picnic held\r\nBoard meetings were held on July 1, 1973, July 15, 1973, August 19, 1973, May 26, 1974\r\nNews article on proposed zoning changes\r\nClick here for Annual &, Board minutes, & news article:  1973-74\r\n\r\n

1974-75\r\nAnnual meeting was held on June 9, 1974\r\nPresident:  Mr. Omicioli\r\nVice Presdient:  Mr. Wilcox\r\nSecretary:  Mrs. Bauwer\r\nTreasurer:  Mr. Adamciwicz\r\nTax Collector:  Mr.Mosher\r\nDirectors:  Mr. Bouwers, Mr. Siragusa\r\nDirectors 1 year:  Mr. Edwards, Mr. Gierula\r\nTax rate 1/2 mill\r\nBeaches are now assessed and taxed\r\nVoted to go to flat rate assessment in 1975\r\nThere were no board meeting minutes\r\nClick here for Annual Meeting minutes: 

1975-76\r\n\r\n1975-76\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 1, 1975\r\nPresident:  Antony Siraguaa\r\nVice President:  Jeremiah Edwards\r\nSecretary:  Kimberly Brennan\r\nTreasurer:  Frank Adamcewicz\r\nTax Collector: Ed Mosher\r\nDirectors Richard Bauwens, John Wilcox, Ann Steinhilber, Erando Omicioli\r\nNo taxes this year\r\nNew tax assessment system next year\r\nNo picnic\r\nBoard meeting held on July 16, 1975\r\nCertificate to amend charter filed with Secretary of State\r\nClick here for Annual and Board meeting minutes: 

1976-77\r\n\r\n1976-77\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 6, 1976\r\nPresident:  Tony Siragusa\r\nVice President:  Dennis Hanczar\r\nSecretary:  Mary Anderson\r\nTreasurer:  Frank Adamcewicz\r\nTax Collector:  Phil Godek\r\nTax rate:  $8.00\r\nBoard meeting July, 11\r\nClick here for Annual & Board meeting minutes:  1976-77\r\n\r\n

1977-78\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 5, 1977\r\nPresident:  Dennis Hanzar\r\nVice President:  Bernyce Brennan\r\nSecretary:  Mary Anderson\r\nTreasurer:  Frank Adamcewicz\r\nDirectors:  Richard Leroy, Jane Daddario, Anne Steinhilber\r\nTax rate:  $8.00\r\nThere were no minutes of board meetings\r\nClick here for Annual Meeting minutes:  1977-78\r\n\r\n

1978-79\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 4, 1978\r\nPresident:  Richard LeRoy\r\nVice President:  Dennis Hancza\r\nTreasurer:  Frank Adamcewicz\r\nSecretary:  Mary Anderson\r\nTax Collector:  Phil Godeck\r\nDirectors:  Anne Steinhilber, Berynce Brennan,\r\nTax rate:  $8.00\r\nThere were no minutes of board meetings.\r\nTown of Lebanon no longer appointing constables for LWBA. – letter\r\nClick here for Annual Meeting minutes Town Letter:   
\r\nDEP requires dam repairs.  Owners ask LWBA to help pay:  Click here for newspaper articles, meeting with DEP, and Dam Study committee report:  1979 Dam Feb-June

1979-80\r\nThe Annual Meeting was held on June 3, 1979\r\nPresident:  Gloria Hanczar\r\nVice President:  Richard LeRoy\r\nSecretary:  Raymond Miller\r\nTreasurer:  Francis Adamewicz\r\nTax Collector:  Phil Godek\r\nDirectors:  Berynce Brennan, Tony Siragua, Stephen Pigan, Ann Steinhilber\r\nTax rate:  $16.00\r\nIssue of the dam repair costs continued\r\nApril 8, 1980 Lake drained for survey work and then refilled\r\nSpecial Meetings held June 17, 1979 and April 23, 1980\r\nBoard Meetings held July 12, 1979\r\nNewspaper articles on the dam\r\nClick here for Annual, Special, and Board meeting minutes and news articles:  1979-80

Located in Lebanon, CT