1960-May 1970

1960-61\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 5, 1960\r\nPresident:  Joe Silva\r\nVice President:  Frank Burns\r\nTreasurer:  Elwyn Young\r\nSecretary Mary-Joe Hathaway\r\nTax Collector:  May Grover\r\nDirector 2 years:  James Viccaro, John Wilcox\r\nDirector 1 year:  Frank Jurewitch, Mr. Miller\r\nTax at 4 mills\r\nTopic:  August 14:  is the island art of LWBA?  No\r\nBoard meetings held on:  June 12, 1960, July 3, 1960, July 10, 1960, July 27, 1960, August 7, 1960, August 14, 1960, September 4, 1960, September 11, 1960, March 19, 1961, April 31, 1961, May 20, 1961\r\nClick here for Annual and Board minutes: 

1960-61\r\n\r\n1961-62\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 4, 1961\r\nPresident:  Bud Hathaway\r\nVice President:  John Wilcox\r\nSecretary:  Mary Hathaway\r\nTreasurer:  Elwyn Young\r\nTax Collector:  May Grover\r\nDirectors 2 years:  Frank Jurewitch, Raymond Miller\r\nDirectors 1 year:  Stanley Gerrula, Mr. Hansen\r\ntax rate 3 1/2 mills\r\ndiscussion on boat dock for back lot owners, boat club became independent, a book for minutes was begun, trash can pickup at beaches,  checked on porta pottys, draw down, dam repairs, and May 9, 1962 – Town Zoning now supersedes the LWBA zoning.\r\nBoard meetings held on:  June 11, 1961, July 2, 1961, July 8, 1961, August 3, 1961, August 5, 1961, August 20, 1961, September 2, 1961, September 9, 1961, September 20, 1961, November 18, 1961, March 31, 1962, April 14, 1962, April 27, 1962, May 9, 1962, May 19, 1962.   Click here for Annual and Board minutes:

1961-62\r\n\r\n1962-63\r\nAnnual Meeting was June 2, 1962\r\nPresident:  Carlton Hathaway\r\nVice President:  John Wilcox\r\nTax clerk:  Alice Grover\r\nSecretary:  Mary Hathaway\r\nTreasurer:  Mr.Lucas\r\nDirectors:  Mr. Miller, Noman Paquin, Harry Johnson, Ed Grover\r\nTax rate 2 1/2 mills\r\nSuggestion to dissolve association.  Phone booth was removed because of vandalism.  sand at beaches added.  Big project was removal of stumps under water.\r\nBoard meetings were held on June 16, 1962, July 13, 1962, August 4, 1962, August 17, 1962, September 1, 1962, September 14, 1962, September 22, 1962, April 5, 1963, April 19, 1963, May 11, 1963\r\nClick here for Annual and Board minutes:  1962-1963\r\n\r\n

1963-64\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 2, 1963\r\nPresident:   Carlton Hathaway\r\nVice President:  John Wilcox\r\nTreasurer:  Fred Surridge\r\nTax Clerk:  Alice Grover\r\nSecretary:  Mary Hathaway\r\nDirectors:  Gil Olivers, Ed Grover, Norman Paquin, Harry Johnson\r\nTax rate 2 mills\r\nConcern of two family members on the board, Rt 207 closed an opening to the lake, suggested stickers for beach use\r\nBoard meetings held on:  June 13, 1963, July 12, 1963, August 23, 1963, September 1, 1963, September 13, 1963, September 15, 1963, April 4, 1964, May 2, 1964, May 8, 1964\r\nClick here for the annual and board minutes:  1963-64\r\n\r\n

1964-65\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 7, 1964\r\nPresident:  Joe Silva\r\nVice President:  Charles Winner\r\nSecretary:  Millie Young\r\nTax Clerk:  Erando Onficole\r\nTreasurer:  Fred Surridge\r\nDirectors 2 years:  Ed Des Rosa, Ray Miller\r\nDirectors 1 year:  Ed Grover, John Wilcox\r\nTopics include plans to build a clubhouse and whether it should be dues (voluntary) or taxes.\r\nPresident Bud Hathaway noted in his outgoing president report his frustration at the lack of participation, picnic issues, boat race became argumentative, and all the beaches and rec area need work.\r\nBoard meetings were held on:  June 14, 1964, July 12, 1964, August 30,1964, September 26, 1964,   October 11, 1964, February 2, 1965, May 2, 1965.\r\nClick here for Annual and board meeting minutes:  

1964-65\r\n\r\n1965-66\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 6, 1965.\r\nPresident:  Joe Silva\r\nVice President:  Bud Hathaway\r\nSecretary:  Joyce Maderies\r\nTreasurer:  Fred Surridge\r\nTax Collector:   Frando Omicieli\r\nDirectors 2 years:  Ed Grover, John Wilcox\r\nDirector 1 year:  Bud Miller, Mr. Jurewitch\r\ntax rate 3 mills\r\nbeach stickers were issued.\r\nBoard meetings were held on June 20, 1965, September 12, 1965, May 22, 1966.  Click here for Annual and Board minutes:  1965-66\r\n\r\n

1966-67\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 5, 1966\r\nPresident:  Andrew Gobin\r\nVice President: Arthur Silva\r\nTax Collector:  Erando Omicieli\r\nSecretary:  Joyce Medeiros\r\nTreasurer:  Fred Surridge\r\nDirectors 2 years:  Frank Lowry, Raymond Mahoney\r\nTopics included the slab being poured and a vote not to erect a building, a newspaper clipping on Rt 207 improvements on Lake Williams near the Grand Lake Lodge, suggest eliminate fines as no way to enforce them,  and a request to change the assessment system.\r\nBoard meetings were held on June 19, 1966, July 2, 1966, August 7, 1966, September 11, 1966, October 30, 1966, April 23, 1967, May 7, 1967\r\nSpecial meetings were held on August 21, 1966 on whether to erect a building.   A second special meeting (undated) was held on changing the assessment.\r\nClick here for the minutes of the Annual, Board, and special meetings: 

1967-68\r\n\r\n1967-68\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 4, 1967\r\nPresident:   Stanley Gierulo\r\nVice President: Rex Clarke\r\nTreasurer:  Anthony Lucas\r\nSecretary:  Mae Clarke\r\nTax Collector:  Erondo Omicioli\r\nDirectors 2 years:  Ann Steinhilber, James Moriarty\r\nDirectors 1 year:  Ray Mahoney, Louis Lane\r\nTax rate 2 mills\r\nTopics flat assessment, and getting Ripplinger Circle paved\r\nList of members for 1967 – Click here:  1967 Membership List\r\nBoard meetings were held on July 2, 1967, September 3, 1967, April 20, 1968, May 5, 1968.\r\nClick here for Annual and Board minutes: 

1968-69\r\n\r\n1968-69\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 9, 1968\r\nPresident:  George Brennan\r\nVice President:  Rex Clark\r\nSecretary:  May Clark\r\nTreasurer:  Stanley Guirella\r\nTax Collector:  Erondo Omicioli\r\nDirectors 2 years:  Milt Krom, John Schreiner\r\nDirectors 1 year:  Ann Steinhilber, James Moriarty\r\nTopics:  having a marina on land rented from Leibman, flat tax assessments, by-law changes\r\nThe removal of stumps and stones was tabled as there was uncertainty on spending money on property and water than we do not own.  Two lawyers consulted and Yes we can spend money.\r\nNewspaper article in July on boating rules.\r\nBoard meetings were held on June 30, 1968, July 7, 1968, August 4, 1968, September 8, 1968.\r\nClick here for Annual and Board minutes: 

1969-70\r\n\r\n1969-70\r\nAnnual Meeting was held on June 15, 1969\r\nPresident:  George Brennan\r\nVice President: Ray Miller\r\nSecretary: Bernyce Brennan\r\nTreasurer:  Stanley Guirella\r\nTax Collector:  Erando Omicioli\r\nDirectors:  James Moriarty, Mr. Turgeon\r\nTax rate 1 and 1/2 mills\r\nBy-Laws approved\r\nConstables have no authority on the water and must contact the State Police before making an arrest.\r\n6 mph speed limit between islands\r\nalgae bloom\r\nneed building to store file cabinets, tables for picnic,\r\nBoard  meetings were held on July 7, 1969, July 13, 1969, picnic details.  Click here for Annual and Board minutes:  1969-70\r\nClick here for 1969 By-Laws:  1969 By-Laws

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