1948-1952 Lake Williams Shores

1948Lake Williams Shores\r\na Temporary association formed in October 1948.\r\nDues were $1.\r\n46 members had paid.\r\n\r\nPresident: Arthur Silva\r\nVice President: Henry Escott\r\nTreasurer:   Andrew Gobin\r\nAuditor: John Wilcox\r\nSecretary: Lee Itczak\r\n\r\nOn October 10, 1948 Officers were elected.\r\nPresident: Arthur Silva\r\nVice President: Henry Escott\r\nTreasurer: Andrew Gobin\r\nAuditor: John Wilcox\r\nFinancial Secretary: Mr. Krass\r\nRecording Secretary: Leo Stockwell\r\nFinancial Committee: John Hill, John Wilcox, Mr. Horvath\r\nDirectors: Mr. Siemienski, Mr. Ledd, Mr.  Melnick, Earl McLeod, Martin Fredrickson\r\nThere were 3 board meetings: October 2, 1948, October 10, 1948, and October 17, 1948.\r\nThere was a winter newsletter.\r\nThe first newspaper article:  Mud Flat Lot owners learn the bad news- the lake is now a mud flat and thousands of dish die\r\nThere is a list of owners.\r\nThere is a set of bylaws.\r\npurpose: to develop roads, water supply, removal of stumps in lake.\r\ndues = $1.00- there were 47 members\r\nClick here for 1948:  1948 Lake Williams Shores\r\n\r\n1949\r\nPresident:  Andrew Gobin\r\nVice President: Joseph Silva\r\nTreasurer: Andrew Gobin\r\nFinancial Secretary: John Horvath\r\nSecretary: Mrs. Fredrickson\r\nDirectors: Mr. Suinunski, Mr. Ladd, Mr. Melnick, Earl McLeod, Martin Fredrickson\r\nIssues included water level of dam\r\nAnnual Meeting was held October 7, 1949\r\nClick here for: 1949 Lake Williams Shores\r\n\r\nms 1950 Lake Williams Shores\r\nPresident: Andrew Gobin\r\nVice President: Joseph Silva\r\nTreasurer: John Horvath\r\nFinancial Secretary: Frank Kawczak\r\nSecretary: Nancy Viccaro\r\nDirectors: Mr. Darling, Mr. Demursy, Mr. Mils, Martin Fredrickson\r\nMeetings held May 24, 1950, June 4, 1950, October 25, 1950\r\n\r\nOfficers elected October 25, 1950:\r\nPresident: Andrew Gobin\r\nVice President: Joseph Silva\r\nSecretary: Nancy Viccarro\r\nTreasurer: John Horvath\r\nFinancial Secretary: Frank Kawczak\r\nDirectors: Mr. Darling, Mr. Viccaro, Mr. Fredrickson, Mr.Miles, Mr. DeMusy\r\nissues:  electricity, roads, beaches, safe deposit box\r\nDeed for beaches\r\nMeetings: December 6, 1950\r\nList of Lake Williams Extension members\r\nClick here for:  1950 Lake Williams Shores\r\n\r\n1951 Lake Williams Shores\r\nOfficers\r\nPresident:  Andrew Gobin\r\nSecretary:  Nancy Viccaro\r\nTreasurer:  John Horvath\r\nHighlights:  filed deeds for beaches\r\n 1951 Association voted on March 14, 1951 that the Association beaches\r\nnot be sold as long as the Association owned them.\r\nRepresentative from Lake Beseck spoke and recommended forming an incorporation with all property members.\r\nThere was a picnic and boat race held\r\nDiscussion on surveying The Acre as a fireplace had been built was  not on The Acre.\r\nVoted October 5, 1951 to pay the secretary\r\nBrought in electricity and built roads.\r\n\r\nMeetings held on Jan. 24, 1951, March 14, 1951, April 15, 1951 (road repairs),May 9, 1951, June 13, 1951, July 11, 1951, August 12, 1951, Sept. 9, 1951, Sept. 23, 1951, Sept. 30, 1951, Oct. 7, 1951.  The Annual Meeting was held on Oct. 7, 1951.\r\nClick here for minutes:  1951 lake williams shores\r\n\r\n1952\r\n1952 Lake Williams Shores\r\nOfficers\r\nPresident:  Andrew Gobin\r\nVice President: Mr. Hanson\r\nSecretary:  vacant\r\nTreasurer:  John Horvath\r\nFinancial Secretary:  Mr. Yahnes\r\nDirectors:  John Hill, Mr. Melnick, Mr. Contu, Mr. DeMusey, John Wilcox\r\n 1952 Meetings were held:  February 13, 1952, April 8, 1952, May 11, 1952, June 8, 1952, July 12, 1952, August 10, 1952, Sept. 6, 1952, Oct. 4, 1952, Dec. 11, 1952\r\nTopics included  bringing a telephone booth to Beach 2, putting up directional signs to the Lake, and upgrading the road.  Sand was added to Beach 2.  Decided to sell a waterfront property.\r\nAnnual Meeting was held Oct. 4, 1952\r\nClick here for minutes: 1952 Lake Williams Shores

Located in Lebanon, CT