Second Beach

second beachSecond beach has a boat launch and a dock. Only association members are allowed to use this beach and to launch from it. There is limited parking available.

By-Laws Applicable to Beach #2 (Boat Launch)

Use of this Beach is limited to:

  1. Swimming in the area so designated.
  2. Fishing, except in the designated swimming area.
  3. Launching of boats.
  4. Storage of boats in the designated storage area.
  5. Use of the dock is for loading and unloading only.
  6. Storage of more than one (1) boat or other water craft is not permitted
  7. Boats and other watercraft stored in the designated storage area must be identified with the owner’s name prominently displayed.
  8. Storage of boats and other watercraft on Association property is not permitted from November 15th through April 15th. Boats and other watercraft remaining on Association property during that period will be removed and stored at the owner’s expense. Boats and watercraft unclaimed at the Annual Meeting will be sold to cover storage fees. Notice will be sent to the membership prior to the Annual Meeting regarding any unclaimed watercraft.

second beach


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