News & Events

Annual Meeting is first Sunday in June at 1:00 at ‘The Acre’
June 3, 2018 annual meeting was held. Budget as presented was passed. Tax rate increased to $80. Concerns about speeding. Board of Directors are: President Tom Sholly, Vice President Scott Lima, Tax collector: Dave Gendreau, Secretary Betty Godeck, Treasurer Cathy Nelson. Directors are Kirk Matson, Dawn Jacques, Marty Varhue, Susan Bethune.
Board meeting is scheduled for June 28, 2018 at 6:30 at 1st beach.
There will be a Fall Clean-up day – see bulletin boards for date and time.
We have a facebook page – look there for photos and neighborhood watch type information.
If you see something, say something. President Tom Sholly at 223 Lake Shore Drive. Lebanon State Trooper at 860-465-5400 or

Located in Lebanon, CT